likeserenitys hey I know this is late but here’s the problem ☺️

likeserenitys hey I know this is late but here’s the problem ☺️

likeserenitys said: yes, and thank you. i'll be sure to message you if i ever need help again :) i really do appreciate it!

What was the problem again? 🙈


I love how Justin focuses on Selena’s ass… He want some cuz she got buns Hun lol


I love how Justin focuses on Selena’s ass… He want some cuz she got buns Hun lol

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my conclusion about girls (x)



does this mean…. I’M NOT A GIRL?!

my life…..my life is a lie….

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"Wifi? More like WHHYYYYY-fi?!!!!!!!"

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Okay, so this video’s only recently been brought to my attention and I’m not even gonna bother asking why it hasn’t gotten more negative attention and ridicule but I’m gonna just give y’all a run down on why this video is not okay and why everyone in this video should just… stop existing. If you want to have a better understanding of the song and Nicki’s original video, here is an excellent post to help uh, open up your minds a bit.

So, let’s go through these amazing lyrics, shall we?

This song is about butts
These girls all have big butts
This video is pretty much just a bunch of big butts

This already nauseating song starts off by missing and trashing the point of the entire video and song! Nice, nice.

I’m dry humping bamboo in a jungle
My butt’s so big it’s like two gigantic bubbles
And I always show it off cause it’s my greatest asset but it’s enhanced by surgery yes it’s made out of plastic

"Greatest asset" meaning that the only thing that gives Nicki value, especially as a black woman, is her ass even though she’s an extremely intelligent and talented woman, right? Gotchu.

It’s not real real real
Cost major cash and my surgery bill is going up fast
Got work on my nose and my lips plus tit implants my fake teeth Mister Ed status

I wish I had the side eye emoji sooooo bad right now.

Feed me a carrot
Booty shake with a snake ninety five percent of me is fake

Aight, let me just blink at the immaturity of this line.

Twerkin’ so hard it cause a massive earthquake
Now I’m rapping so damn fast think my tongue’s about to break
Later in the video I am gonna dance for Drake
Basically I am a stripper who also knows how to rap

Yes! Because all women that aren’t afraid to be sexual beings are strippers and therefore are devalued! And YES! Because being a stripper is a bad thing and doesn’t require any sort of talent or energy and is just such a pathetic job, right? Almost as pathetic as posting sexist parody videos on the internet, huh?

But my lyrics are real bad they’re complete and utter crap
I’m dumb duh duh dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

People that only listen to 3 Nicki songs be like…

A turntable with fruit
A pink speaker and skull
This video is things that don’t make any sense
And butts


You ripped off “Baby Got Back”
I’m pissed off
Turned it to trash
Give me some
Of all that cash

As mentioned in the post that I linked, this isn’t a “rip-off” of Baby Got Back, it’s reclaiming it by sexualizing male bodies in the way that female bodies are! If you open your minds a lil…

Ha ha b*tch please
(Flatulence) Talk to the a$$

For some reason there’s a gym out in the jungle

Water is wet.

Where I lift these tiny weights to work out my fake muscles


I pump real hard but there’s no sweat on my complexion
Cause I numb all my sweat glands with these Botox injections
Then I slam my cr*tch. Into the floor rap about sex non-stop

How dare Nicki rap about the same things men get to rap about everyday… atrocious…

Act like a w*ore. Waste the talent I got

You’re a grown ass woman, fam, so is she.

Writing lyrics that will turn your brain to rot
I am a dumb s*it
Kitchen scene
Whipping cream
Squirt the whole can out on my t*t skin

[files nails]

My super s*utty act is wearing real thin

In about seven years I’m gonna look like Lil Kim

Rapping so d*mn fast to hide the fact that I’m dim

We talking about Nicki or are we speaking in first person because… like… yo…

So plastic when I die throw me in recycling
Drake is sitting in a chair now I’m gonna dance for him
I’m dumb duh duh dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

It’s 2014.

I don’t want a lap dance
Your butt is too d*mn fat
You’re gonna eat this a$$

I can’t! No I need air! Stop
grrrffmm urvvmmem meh furrhhh

What are you saying Drake?

I’m trying to warn you
Nicki behind you there’s a snake

Oh my gosh!
Look at that snake!

That’s right b*tch
He hasn’t ate
And he loves juicy butt steak
Anaconda eat that fake skank

My Anaconda ate Nick’s buns and now this dumb song’s done


I’m still tryna process how a group of adults took the time out of their days to write and produce a video that’s so blatantly sexist and racist, lmao. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Bart Baker’s ugly ass was wearing dark make-up and a “nappy” wig to resemble Drake. But… y’all know what… it’s nearly midnight and I’m tired and I’m disgusted that these adults — people I’m supposed to look up to — would post a video so shameful and insulting.

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May, 2014: New picture of Selena during her UNICEF trip to Nepal


May, 2014: New picture of Selena during her UNICEF trip to Nepal

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